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A primary resource for external examiners and a central resource for Universities

Findexaminers is an online facility created for the Higher Education sector by existing Higher Education professionals. This is a new development designed to fulfill an existing need. Internal research suggests that on average each University School recruits between 6-8 external examiners per year. Whilst the existing methods of utilising professional networks can be beneficial, in most cases it can be a costly recruitment process due to the required time it takes to search for and engage with suitable external examiners outside of individuals immediate professional network.

Findexaminers aims to make the searching of and selection of relevant high quality external examiners a much less resource intensive process, whilst also making the process more effective, efficient and transparent.

In a recent report published by UK & Irish Universities it was stated that a major issue, relating to the role of external examining is:

"There has been criticism that the external examining process is too cosy because, it is believed, appointments are made on the basis of personal relationships, and therefore external examiners are unlikely to be critical of programmes taught by colleagues who they know well."

Findexaminers aims to be the primary resource for:

  • Academics looking to become External Examiners
  • Existing External Examiners looking to increase their involvement in External Examining

Findexaminers will provide a central resource for universities to search for and engage with suitably qualified academics who are interested in external examining positions.

No other resource of this scale and type is currently available to aid in the recruitment of external examiners, which is why we encourage all universities and academics from within the Higher Education system to sign up and engage with the site. It is free for all individual users and the site has been designed as a facility to enhance best practice.

If you are an individual you can sign up for your free account and make yourself visible to hundreds of University School's who are looking to recruiting external examiners.

If you are a University looking to recruit you can also register and take advantage of the thousands of academics already signed up and actively looking for an external examiner role.